Founded around 2010, Breathelast started out with a whole different line-up, also featuring a different style of music (Nu Metal – Alternative). When their original drummer and bass player parted ways with the band, Breathelast felt the need to reinvent themselves as a band, and therefore decided to regroup, while also changing their sound. The new style of music has a lot of breakdowns and tempo changes, which confines a very personal feeling to their songs, building up an extraordinary energy, a kind of vibrancy exuded by the band’s song-writing style and performance.

The band members come from various music backgrounds and have been a part of the underground music scene for quite a while. Perhaps enough to know that music can be the only driving energy and that success is sometimes right in front of you, when you’re on a stage, holding a guitar, your drum sticks or a microphone, surrounded by the people that enjoy your music.

(Former and) Current bands we are performing in: Andrei Mihai Ionut ( nOciv, Crize, Dekadens, Side FX, Traum, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Bloodway ), Ionut Cojocaru ( Crize, Godmode, Side FX ), Hertzu( Blind Reason, Cadavrul, Magica, Insideout, Monarchy, Deathdrive), Aditza( Proof, Deathdrive) .

Enjoy the music, stay tuned for updates.